Welcome to SOFTSERVD

SOFTSERVD offers fully automated certificate of insurance tracking software tailored to meet your individual business needs.

We offer a dedicated team of professionals to develop and implement an effective insurance certificate tracking solution for each and every customer.

By consulting SOFTSERVD for your certificate of insurance tracking software, your organization can achieve significant operating efficiencies and enjoy the rewards of automating your insurance certificate tracking process.

Certificate of Insurance Tracking Programs

Basic Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software
C v3.0 ("Cert") provides a single-user the ability to track and manage their incoming certificates of insurance from their desktop PC. Easily produce real-time compliance reports, system generated notices for noncompliance, renewals and requests for insurance. More.

Premier Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software
HYBRID v7.0 ("HYBRID") is a Windows based, multi-user certificate of insurance tracking program. It offers a robust platform catering to organizations performing certificate of insurance tracking for multiple locations, departments, or projects. HYBRID enables users the ability to scan and link certificate images directly to an entry in the database, deploy web-based reporting capabilities and create fully-customizable letters for different types of contracts. More.

Ultimate Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software
CE v11.0 ("Cert‐Enterprise") is SOFTSERVD's most advanced Windows based certificate of insurance tracking program. It permits multiple users the ability to manage high volumes of incoming certificates of insurance for multiple organizations, departments, locations and projects. The feature‐enriched platform was designed and perfected by insurance professionals who perform certificate of insurance tracking as a regular business function. More.

Other Insurance Administration Programs

OCIP/Wrap-up Administration Software
W v6.0 ("Wrap") is a fully automated program designed to administer OCIP/Wrap-up insurance programs. This unique type of insurance policy (generally written to insure construction projects for certain risks and exposures), requires a highly detailed approach when performing enrollment administration.

Insurance carriers, brokers and third party wrap-up administrators will find that Wrap is equipped with features necessary to successfully administer any type of OCIP/Wrap-up insurance policy from start to finish. More.